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Project:Design and development of intuitionistic fuzzy logic tools in information technologies

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"Design and development of intuitionistic fuzzy logic tools in information technologies" is a three-year project under the bilateral scientific exchange programme between Bulgaria and India (Ref. No. BIn-2/09). The project partners are

  • Centre of Biomedical Engineeering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Vellalar College for Women, Tamilnadu, India.

The respective project coordinators from both sides are Prof. Krassimir Atanassov from CBME and Dr Parvathi Rangasamy from VCW. The project documents were signed on 27 July 2009 on Bulgarian side.

The project is focused on:

  • Research of the properties of intuitionistic fuzzy sets of second and n-th type.
  • Research of implications and negations.
  • Development of software for checking the properties of IF implications and negations.
  • Applications of IFS in the field of pattern recognition.
  • Elaboration of a methodology for teaching IFS and development of learning content.
  • Provision of access to publications on IFS, writing Ifigenia articles in the area of IFS.

Ifigenia is the platform for implementation of a part of the project activities and all project results will be announced here.


Visits and exchanges

26 April - 11 June 2010

  • Rangasamy Parvathi's visit to Sofia, Bulgaria

19 April - 31 May 2011

  • Visit of Rangasamy Parvathi and Subbarayavalasu Paramasivam Geetha to Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Seminar in Burgas University 'Prof. Asen Zlatarov': 11 May 2011
    • Seminar in Burgas Free University: 11 May 2011

Software developments

Home screen of IFSTool. A list of implications has been loaded for investigation. To the right the list of possible actions is given.

As of July 2010, the project participant Dimitar Dimitrov has started developing the software IFSTool that performs checking of the properties of the intuitionistic fuzzy implications and negations and assists the user in the development of new arithmetic operations.

A part of the software’s features are the following:

  • Checking for coincidence of different implications and coincidence of different negations,
  • Checking for the satisfaction of the axioms of the classical logic and the axioms of the non-classical logics,
  • Introduction of order among the generated implications and negations.

The software can import/export data from/to various formats: TeX, HTML, plain text, PNG and others. The application has the capacity to process very large arrays of data and operations at a time. On a functional level it returns accurate results but it is still imminent the development of a more convenient user interface as well as user documentation. Once ready, the executable file and the source code of the application will be made freely available over

For more information, see the specialized page of IFSTool.


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Learning content

Provision of access to IFS publications (edit)

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