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From Ifigenia, the wiki for intuitionistic fuzzy sets and generalized nets
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Ifigenia is a non-commercial scientific and educational web-based resource in the areas intuitionistic fuzzy sets (IFS) and generalized nets (GN). These two concepts gave the name Ifigenia. The website is powered by the MediaWiki software, which further provides its users with a flexible and user-friendly environment for online collaboration.

Aims of Ifigenia

Project Ifigenia has several major goals:

  • providing relevant information in encyclopedic manner,
  • online distribution of published materials and preprints,
  • fostering the collaborative research and paper writing,
  • partners networking and communication.

Ifigenia will provide well structured encyclopedic information about generalized nets and intuitionistic fuzzy sets:

  • articles with definitions, explanations and examples of various terms from these two fields and the related areas,
  • overview and history of the fields,
  • articles about the the books, the journals, the conferences, and the software developments within the scope of the project,
  • as well as biographies / CVs of the researchers in these fields.

These informative and educational articles are placed on publicly accessible and editable pages from the main namespace.

Apart of the encyclopedic content, Ifigenia will also provide an online database of relevant publications for reading and download: journal papers, conference communications, book chapters, whole books etc. These publications are placed on publicly accessible and non-editable pages in the Issue: namespace, protected against further changes, with all their rights reserved on the behalf of the authors and publishers.

Researchers and users of Ifigenia are given the wiki-platform to foster their communication and cooperation, to exchange ideas for present and future research in IFS and GN, and involve in public or private online collaborative writing of scientific and educational content (textbooks, exercises, manuals). The talk pages are also a friendly environment to discuss the practical software implementation. The Project: namespace is a friendly environment hosting the integrated webspaces of various running research projects in the field of generalized nets and/or intuitionistic fuzzy sets. Namespace Ifigenia: also welcomes various announcements for forthcoming calls for conferences or project proposals within the scope of the wiki.

Access policy

To complete its aims in a viable way, Ifigenia consists of a public and private part.

  • Registration of user accounts is only available to the website administrator upon receiving an email with information about the real personal name of the applicant and his/her affiliation to a research institution. Registration requests may be denied or postponed, if considered inappropriate or spam. User accounts are created under the real personal names of applicants. Temporary passwords are sent to them, which can be changed after login.
  • The public part of the wiki is readable and editable by all users, both registered and anonymous. Uploads are available to registered users only.
  • The development of joint scientific articles and project proposals can be done either publicly or privately in the special Private: namespace of the wiki. The private content is visible to all registered members of the wiki, but only to them. It is not cached in search engines.
  • Registered users are expected to follow a code of conduct and respect the others' copyrights.

Copyright policy

  • The public editable content of Ifigenia is licensed under the free license Creative Commons Attribution 2.5, allowing use and reuse for any purposes (incl. commercial), modifications and distribution without the need of explicit written consent, as long as the original editors are adequately cited and a backlink to the website is provided.
  • The public non-editable content (copies of published material in the Issue: namespace) is protected by full copyright on the behalf of their respective authors and publishers. Inclusion of published materials and preprints is possible only with the explicit consent of their copyright holders.
  • The private content (drafts of research articles, project proposals, and any other content placed in the Private: namespace) is protected by full copyright on the behalf of the respective contributors.

Maintenance and ownership

Project Ifigenia is established and technically administered by the Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Being a non-commercial initiative, it neither charges its content users, nor remunerates its editors and technical supporters. Owners of Ifigenia are all of its voluntary contributors. Like all wikis, Ifigenia cannot potentially exist and develop without the efforts of its content users.