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Uploading files in a wiki is rather easy. The main prerequisite is being a registered user (a default mediawiki setting).

You can upload files of maximum 2 Mb size, belonging to the following file formats:

  • png, gif, svg, rar, jpg, jpeg, doc, odt, xls, pdf, tex, dvi, ogg, ppt, pps, odp, ps, eps, djvu.

If you need to upload a larger file, or a file of a different format, please, leave a note on the talk page.

Upload procedure

  • Click on the "Upload file" link in your toolbox or on the link Special:Upload.
  • Browse your computer and select the file for upload (source filename).
  • If needed, you may change its destination name now.
  • Fill in the Summary box. Provide information about:
    • Description - of the file contents
    • Author(s) of the file
    • Source - where did you derive this file from (if it was not you who created it)
    • Date of creation
    • License - please, be careful when uploading files with protected copyrights whose author or copyright holder is not you.
  • Click on the upload button.

If you need to upload a copyrighted content, make sure that you have the authors' consent. If this is the logo of your institution or enterprise, make sure that you carefully describe this in the form. See for instance, Image:NIFS-logo.png.

Image files are visualized in their description pages. Files of other filetypes are presented with a respective icon. When downloading a non-image file from the wiki, beware to download the file itself, not its iconic depiction.

Choosing a filename

During the upload, you can change the destination filename. Preferably, choose mnemonic meaningful filenames, in Latin letters and with small-case file extensions.

Have in mind that filenames are case sensitive.

Please, note that files cannot be easily moved like ordinary pages. If you want to have a file under a new filename, you have to upload it once again.

Uploading new versions

You can replace one file with another, uploading it as a new version. If you attempt to replace a file, you will first obtain a warning, but you can ignore.

Files in wiki have separate histories: a page history of the description page (belonging to the Image: namespace) and a file history (the files themselves are placed in the virtual Media: namespace).

The file versions can be also reverted as the page versions.

Warnings and errors

  • Warnings:
    • There already exists a file with the same filename.
    • There already exists a duplicated file (with identical hash value).
    • The destination filename starts with lowercase letter and will be capitalized.

You can ignore these warnings.

  • Errors:
    • The file size is > 2 Mb.
    • The file format does not belong to the allowed file formats.
    • The filename contains forbidden symbols.
    • The file was broken before or during the upload.

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