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Help:Images and files

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Images as well as any other files can be used in the wiki, as long as they have been uploaded first. Every editor, no matter registered or anonymous, can use the uploaded files, but only registered users can upload these.

You may first read the help page on uploads and then proceed with the instructions on using them.

Using image files

Image files can be used in two ways:

  • embedded (visualized), and
  • inline (linked to).

Embedded images

Click button Button image.png in edit mode and the following command will appear in the edit box:



The image can be formatted in various ways, using some optional parameters, separately or in combination.

Specifying the image width (in pixels)


Image position on page

Command parameters: left, center, right

Thumbnail image (default width: 180px, default can be specified in the personal site settings)
Free alternative text (mouse over image)
[[Image:Example.jpg|250px|Alternative text]]

Alternative text

Image caption with free alternative text
[[Image:Example.jpg|thumb|Alternative text]]
Alternative text

The following command gives a right-aligned image with free caption text and image width 300px. The order of command parameters is not strictly fixed. Both commands below give one and the same result.

[[Image:Example.jpg|right|300px|thumb|Alternative text]]
Alternative text
[[Image:Example.jpg|300px|right|Alternative text|thumb]]
Alternative text

Inline images

  • To give link to the description page of an image, use command: [[:Image:Example.jpg]] (note the colon before Image:)
  • To give link to the image itself, use command: [[Media:Example.jpg]]

Using non-image files

While image files can be used in two ways, the non-image local uploads can only be inline.

Linking to non-image files is given by clicking on the button Button media.png and specifying the filename of the uploaded file. Or just by typing the command on the respective place in the page, when opened in edit mode.

For instance,


which gives Media:Example.pdf. Depending on your browser and settings, this link may prompt dowload or call a plug-in or an application to open this file.

The text link to the image description page is, respectively: File:Example.pdf, with or without the colon.

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