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From Ifigenia, the wiki for intuitionistic fuzzy sets and generalized nets
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Every registered user is able to customize the website appearance and functionalities, using the special page with their own preferences.

The page is divided into 10 tabs, containing settings for:

User profile
number of edits, user rights, password, email address, email notifications
generally changes the outlook of the wiki (the default skin Monobook is maybe the most user-friendly, but there are some more simpler and lighter skins)
specifies how formulas and other TeX content will be rendered.
specifies the default sized of image thumbnails.
Date and time
setting for date-and-time format. By default, the wiki is set to server time, i.e. the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). If you prefer, you can set to visualize Ifigenia with the time in your timezone.
various settings related to the editing and edit mode.
Recent changes
settings related to the real time monitoring of what's going onwiki via Special:Recentchanges.
customizations of the personal list of watched pages.
customization of the search preferences.
other personal settings.

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