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From Ifigenia, the wiki for intuitionistic fuzzy sets and generalized nets
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The wiki search engine is one of the most useful tools in the MediaWiki software. You can search by words and whole phrases, embraced in quotation marks. Search is case insensitive. Wildcards * and ? are not working, yet.

Being a small wiki, Ifigenia enjoys the advantage of an instantly refreshable database of pages. By default, the search engine of Ifigenia searches in: the main, User:, Image:, Category:, Help: and Issue: namespaces. You can change this set of default searchable namespaces by configuring your personal preferences.

Apart from using the search engine, there are various other ways to extract information according to certain criteria.

What links here

Every page has the "What links here" functionality enabled. It provides back navigation to all pages that contain links to the current one. This list is dynamically generated on the fly, i.e. the information is always reliable.

For instance, the full list of pages linking to the present one is contained here: Special:Whatlinkshere/Help:Search.
List of all pages

It is very useful to browse the full list of pages in a namespace: Special:Allpages, as well the full list of pages starting with a user-defined prefix: Special:PrefixIndex.

For instance, the full list of pages in the Help: namespace is here and the full list of pages from Help: namespace, starting with the letter S is here

You can browse the logs, containing actions of the editors, different from page edits, which are typically stored in page histories.

For instance, this link opens the list of all actions over the current page.
Search files

There are several ways to browse to uploaded files: Special:Log/upload, Special:ImageList, Special:MIMESearch.

Search web links

Sometimes it proves useful to understand which pages from the wiki contain a particular external link. This information comes with the special page Special:Linksearch. The supported internet protocols are http://, https://, ftp://, irc://, gopher://, telnet://, nntp://, worldwind://, mailto:, news: and it is possible to use the wildcard *.

Search by ISBN

The book source search via wiki interface is also a handy tool to have. Click on the Special:BookSources link and type the desired ISBN. Default searchable book providers are: AddALL, PriceSCAN, Barnes & Noble and If you can suggest other electronic book stores, searchable by ISBN, please leave a message on the adjacent talk page, or on the talk page of the website administrator.

Search user's contributions

Click on the link Special:Contributions and type the username or IP-address of the user, whose contributions you want to see.

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