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Help:Moving and redirecting

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Watching pages • Page history • Moving and redirecting

Moving and redirecting are important and handy tools for page management on every wiki, including Ifigenia. They enable the consistent enforcement of page naming conventions, as well as enable access via synonymous titles of pages.

Existent pages can be moved by clicking on the "move" tab on the upper horizontal bar of the page. Moving the page involves three things:

  • The page content is already located under a new name.
  • The content is still accessible via the old name, as the old title redirects to the new one.
  • The full page history from under the old title is preserved in the history of the new title, i.e. history goes together with content.

Moving a watched page means automatic inclusion of the new page title in the watchlist of the user. For the user who performs the page move, this is a clickable option (enabled by default).

Page moving is most often needed when the original title of the page contains some ortographic or semantic mistake, or it can simply be formulated in a new, better way. The old page is automatically transformed in a redirect page, but if it is incorrect it should be deleted.

Redirecting pages give the opportunity to access one and the same content via several page titles. For a page to be turned into a redirect, it is necessary to have its content removed and only type the command

#REDIRECT [[...]]

A fast way to insert this command is by clicking the Button redir.png in edit mode.

For almost all users is possible to move almost all pages, with few exceptions:

  • Software restrictions
    • Special pages - they are neither editable, not movable (by anyone).
    • MediaWiki pages - only administrators can move them, they are not editable by other users.
    • Images and files - uploaded files cannot be moved, only their description pages. In order to "move a file" you just have to upload it under a new desired filename. Only registered users can upload files.
    • Categories - not movable (by anyone). In order to "move a category" you just have to create it under a new name and manually edit all included items. Then delete the old category name (admins onluy).
  • Ifigenia access policy restrictions
    • Issues - only admins can move the pages from the Issue namespace, but it is not supposed that such a need would appear, as these pages are titled in the way the contained publications have been titled.
    • private pages and talks - only registered users can access them, hence only they can move these pages.

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