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Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets/28/4

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Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Volume 28 (2022), Number 4.

The journal contains selected papers presented orally at:

Journal contents

Number Title Author(s) Pages
1 t-Lower level set and t-upper level set of an intuitionistic fuzzy set Ümit Deniz 375—380
2 Intuitionistic fuzzy probability and convergence of intuitionistic fuzzy observables Katarína Čunderlíková 381—396
3 Morphological operations on temporal intuitionistic fuzzy sets R. Parvathi and C. Yuvapriya 397—412
4 Divergence measures on intuitionistic fuzzy sets Vladimír Kobza 413—427
5 Intuitionistic fuzzy interpretations of formula (A → B) → ((¬A → B) → B) Nora Angelova, Katarína Čunderlíková, Eulalia Szmidt and Krassimir Atanassov 428—435
6 A new operation over intuitionistic fuzzy pairs Velin Andonov, Sławomir Zadrożny and Lilija Atanassova 436—441
7 Direct product of finite intuitionistic anti fuzzy normed normal subrings Nour Abed Alhaleem and Abd Ghafur Ahmad 442—456
8 On intuitionistic fuzzy modal topological structures with modal operator of second type Krassimir T. Atanassov 457—463
9 InterCriteria Analysis as a tool for analyzing Big Data datasets: Case study of 2021 national statistics of Bulgarian system of higher education Veselina Bureva, Petar R. Petrov, Vassia Atanassova and Ivo Umlenski 464—474
10 A mathematical model using temporal intuitionistic fuzzy sets S. P. Geetha and R. Parvathi 475—490

This issue of Int. Journal "Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets" is published with the financial support of the Bulgarian National Science Fund, Grant Ref. No. KP-06-NP3-44/16.11.2021.