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Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets/21/4

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Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Volume 21 (2015), Number 4. Proceedings of the 2nd International Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set Conference, 14-18 October 2015, Mersin, Turkey.

Journal contents

Number Title Author(s) Pages
1 Properties of the intuitionistic fuzzy modal operator ⊗α,β,γ,δ Krassimir Atanassov, Gökhan Çuvalcioğlu, Sinem Yılmaz and Vassia Atanassova 1–5
2 Properties of Fodor’s intuitionistic fuzzy implication and negation Eulalia Szmidt, Janusz Kacprzyk and Krassimir Atanassov 6–12
3 On λ-statistical convergence of order α in intuitionistic fuzzy normed spaces Ekrem Savaş 13–22
4 Sendograph metric on intuitionistic fuzzy number space Fatih Kutlu, Taihe Fan and Tunay Bilgin 23–33
5 Extension of Hukuhara difference in intuitionistic fuzzy set theory S. Melliani, M. Elomari, L. S. Chadli and R. Ettoussi 34–47
6 A note on intuitionistic supra fuzzy soft topological spaces Vildan Çetkin and Halis Aygün 48–57
7 Intuitionistic fuzzy differential equation with nonlocal condition S. Melliani, M. Elomari, M. Atraoui and L. S. Chadli 58–68
8 Selection of vendor based on intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic hedges Prabjot Kaur and Madhumita Pal 69–75
9 Intuitionistic fuzzy fractional equation S. Melliani, M. Elomari, L. S. Chadli and R. Ettoussi 76–89
10 InterCriteria analysis of a cultivation process model based on the genetic algorithm population size influence Maria Angelova, Olympia Roeva and Tania Pencheva 90–103
11 Intuitionistic fuzzy T-sets based solution technique for multiple objective linear programming problems under imprecise environment Arindam Garai, Palash Mandal and Tapan Kumar Roy 104–123
12 New equalities on the intuitionistic fuzzy operators and operations Erkan Eker, Feride Tuğrul and Mehmet Çitil 124–128
13 InterCriteria Analysis approach in radar detection threshold analysis Lyubka Doukovska and Vassia Atanassova 129–135
14 Application of intercriteria analysis to the rankings of Australian universities Evdokia Sotirova and Anthony Shannon 136–142
15 Opportunities for application of the intercriteria analysis method to neural network preprocessing procedures Sotir Sotirov 143–152
16 Properties of intuitionistic fuzzy implication →177 Beloslav Riečan and Krassimir Atanassov 153–156