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Issue:A study on intuitionistic L-fuzzy T1 spaces

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Title of paper: A study on intuitionistic L-fuzzy T1 spaces
R. Islam
Department of Mathematics, Pabna University of Science and Technology, Pabna-6600, Bangladesh
M. S. Hossain
Department of Mathematics, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
M. F. Hoque
Department of Mathematics, Pabna University of Science and Technology, Pabna-6600, Bangladesh
Published in: Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Volume 26 (2020), Number 3, pages 33–42
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Abstract: The paper yields some new conjectures of intuitionistic lattice fuzzy T1 spaces underlying to the concepts of intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces. These conjectures convey some appreciable and intriguing properties as “Good extension” and “Hereditary” properties. Despite these, all suppositions sustain under one-one, onto, and continuous mapping.
Keywords: Intuitionistic L-fuzzy sets, Intuitionistic fuzzy topology, Intuitionistic L-fuzzy topology.
AMS Classification: 03E72, 94D05.
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