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Issue:Intuitionistic fuzzy sets in some medical applications

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Title of paper: Intuitionistic fuzzy sets in some medical applications
Eulalia Szmidt
Systems Research lnstitute - Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Newelska 6, OL-447 Warsaw, Poland
Janusz Kacprzyk
Systems Research lnstitute - Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Newelska 6, OL-447 Warsaw, Poland
Presented at: 5th ICIFS, Sofia, 22-23 Sept. 2001
Published in: Conference proceedings, "Notes on IFS", Volume 7 (2001) Number 4, pages 58-64
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Abstract: Intuitionistic fuzzy sets as a generalization of fuzzy sets can be useful in situations when description of a problem by a (fuzzy) linguistic variable, given in terms of a membership function only, seems too rough. For example, in decision making problems, particularly in the case of medial diagnosis, sales analysis, new product marketing, financial services, etc. there is a fair chance of the existence of a non-null hesitation part at each moment of evaluation of an unknown object. To be more precise - intuitionistic fuzzy sets let us express e.g., the fact that the temperature of a patient changes, and other symptoms are not quite clear.

In this article we will present intuitionistic fuzzy sets as a tool for reasoning in the presence of imperfect facts and imprecise knowledge. An example of medical diagnosis will be presented assuming there is a database, i.e. description of a set of symptoms S, and a set of diagnoses D. We will describe a state of a patient knowing results of his/her medical tests. Description of the problem uses the notion of an intuitionistic fuzzy set. The proposed method of diagnosis involves intuitionistic fuzzy distances.

Keywords: Intuitionistic fuzzy sets, Medical diagnostics
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