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Ifigenia:Lecture courses/Generalized nets

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  1. Definitions and basic properties of Petri nets and generalized nets (Formal definition of a transition. Formal definition of a GN. Algorithm for transition functioning. Algorithm for generalized net functioning. Index matrix)
  2. Reduced generalized nets
  3. Extensions of GN
  4. Algebraic aspect of the GN theory (Operations and relations)
  5. Topological aspect of GN theory
  6. Logical aspect of GN theory (Modal operators over generalized nets)
  7. Operator aspect of GN theory. Part 1 (Global operators, Local operators, Reducing operators)
  8. Operator aspect of GN theory. Part 2 (Extending operators, Hierarchical operators, Dynamical operators)
  9. Self-modifying GN
  10. Methodology for construction of generalized nets
  11. Applications of GN in artificial intelligence
  12. Applications of GN in biology and medicine
  13. Applications of GN in transport and industry
  14. GN in systems theory
  15. GN as a tool for modelling of real processes


Formative assessment
Summative assessment

Students may choose to:

  • either prepare a research paper, for instance developing their own GN model of a real process, or working on an open problem from the theory of GNs,
  • or take a regular examination by writing on a theme from the curriculum above.

Literature and training materials