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Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets: Theory, Applications and Related Topics (IFSTART) is the EUSFLAT Working Group dedicated to theory and applications of intuitionistic fuzzy sets and logic. It was officially approved in July 2015 during the joint symposium collocating the 16th World Congress of the International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA) and the 9th Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT), Gijon, Spain, 30 June – 03 July 2015. The event brought together researchers, both theoreticians and practitioners, from all over Europe and the world working on fuzzy logic, fuzzy systems, soft computing and related areas.

The original idea about IFSTART was conceived during the 17th International Conference on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, held on 1-2 November 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Research scope and aims

The scope of the IFSTART Working Group includes:

  • Research on foundations of the intuitionistic fuzzy sets and intuitionistic fuzzy logic.
  • Study of new extensions of the intuitionistic fuzzy sets and of their properties and relations.
  • Development of software for the needs of intuitionistic fuzzy logic, or using IF logic.
  • Application of the apparatus of IF sets and logic in various areas.
  • Other IFS-related research.

The aim of the working group is to promote theoretical and applied research on the intuitionistic fuzzy sets and logic. This will be accomplished by:

  • Support and organization of the existing and future scientific forums devoted to intuitionistic fuzzy sets and related topics, as well proposing IFS-related panel sessions, round tables, workshops, etc., at other international symposiums.
  • Support of the young researchers, specializing in the area of intuitionistic fuzzy sets and related topics.
  • Maintenance of a mailing list, a regular e-newsletter (starting from September 2015) and a webpage.



Assoc. Prof. Sotir Sotirov, PhD

  • Affiliation: ‘Prof. Asen Zlatarov’ University, Burgas
  • Address: 1 ‘Prof. Yakimov’ Blvd., Burgas 8010, Bulgaria
  • Email:
Associate coordinators

Vassia Atanassova

  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Peter Vassilev

  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Alžbeta Michalíková
  • Matej Bel University, Slovakia


See the List of current IFSTART Members.


Organization of IFS-related events