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Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets/22/2

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Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Volume 22 (2016), Number 2. This is the Proceedings of the International Conference on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Theory and Applications, 20–22 April 2016, Beni Mellal, Morocco.

Journal contents

Number Title Author(s) Pages
1 On intuitionistic fuzzy quantifiers Krassimir Atanassov 1—12
2 Characterization of compact subset of intuitionistic fuzzy sets S. Melliani, R. Ettoussi, M. Elomari and L. S. Chadli 13—21
3 Representation of complex intuitionistic fuzzy sets A. El Allaoui, S. Melliani and L. S. Chadli 22—31
4 λ-Statistical convergence of order α in intuitionistic fuzzy n-normed spaces Ekrem Savaş and Mahpeyker Öztürk 32—43
5 Intuitionistic fuzzy soft generalized superconnectedness M. Elomari, S. Melliani, I. Bakhadach and L. S. Chadli 44—51
6 std-Statistical convergence in intuitionistic fuzzy normed space Ulaş Yamanci and Mehmet Gürdal 52—58
7 Intuitionistic fuzzy ideal and intuitionistic fuzzy prime ideal in a ring I. Bakhadach, S. Melliani, M. Oukessou and L. S. Chadli 59—63
8 On intuitionistic fuzzy generalized groups Gökhan Çuvalcioğlu, Mehmet Çitil and Arif Bal 64—70
9 Numerical solution of intuitionistic fuzzy differential equations by Euler and Taylor methods B. Ben Amma, S. Melliani and L. S. Chadli 71—86
10 Parameter adaptation of the Bat Algorithm, using type-1, interval type-2 fuzzy logic and intuitionistic fuzzy logic Jonathan Pérez, Fevrier Valdez, Olympia Roeva and Oscar Castillo 87—98
11 A method for optimizing a bidding strategy for online advertising through the use of intuitionistic fuzzy systems Quetzali Madera, Oscar Castillo, Mario García-Valdez, Alejandra Mancilla, Evdokia Sotirova and Sotir Sotirov 99—107
12 Intercriteria analysis of the creditworthiness of SMEs. A case study Lyubka Doukovska, George Shahpazov and Vassia Atanassova 108—118