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List of GN terms

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This page contains a sortable list of terms and concepts from the field of generalized nets.

  • You may immediately help writing or improving any article from this list.
  • You may also consider adding new terms to this list.

Definition articles

Written? Pending? Term Priority * ∈ [0;1]  :-)
written Generalized net 1
pending Generalized net modelling 1
pending Petri net 1
pending Arc 1
written Place 1
written Transition 1
written Operators over generalized nets 1
pending Token 1
pending Index matrix 1
pending Intuitionistic fuzzy generalized net 0.8
pending Theory of generalized nets 0.9
written Applications of generalized nets 0.9
pending Time Petri net 0.7
pending Coloured Petri net 0.7
pending E-net 0.7
pending Generalized E-net 0.7
pending Subnet 0.9
pending PRO-net 0.7
pending Regular Petri net 0.8
pending Stochastic Petri net 0.7
pending Tokens transfer 0.8
pending Priority 0.8
pending Characteristic function 0.8
written Gennete 0.7
written GN Ticker 0.7
pending History of Generalized nets 0.7
  • Change priority if necessary, these values were set provisionally. :-)

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