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Gennete is a graphic editor for drawing schemes of generalized net models, written in Delphi in 1998-1999 year by Hristo Aladjov.

As of today, Gennete is capable to draw and edit generalized net model schemes (transitions, places, arcs), save the result in .vgn format and export it to graphic formats like .jpg and .bmp, or as a formal description in LaTeX code or plain text.

The software was initially designed to contain simulation features, but these were lately abandoned. A new version of Gennete is released in 2013, which offers integration with the generalized nets simulation package GNTicker (See below).

Installation and usage

  • Download and open the archive Gennete-2013.rar. It contains executable file of the program.

A short help documentation is provided in the page Help:Gennete.

New version from 2013

Modification of Gennete is released in 2013. It is capable to export SVG files that can be opened by Genedit. It can be used as easy-to-use editor for the graphical structure of GN models. Most features of Gennete, unrelated to graphical structure editing, are disabled in this version.

Old versions