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Modelling Processes with Fixed Development Rules (ModProFix)

No. ДИД-02-29 (January 2010 — December 2012)

Modelling Processes with Fixed Development Rules (ModProFix) is a three-year project funded by the "Ideas" Concourse '2009 of the National Science Fund of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Science and Youth.

The project coordinator is Prof. Krassimir Atanassov from the Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering (former Centre of Biomedical Engineering) and the project partner is the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (uniting the former Institute for Parallel Processing and the Institute of Information Technologies) of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The project is devoted to the creation of models of some of the main processes with fixed development rules, such as genetic algorithms, ant colony algorithm, genetic networks, modifications of Conway's game of Life and others. These methods will be based on the apparatus of generalized nets. In this manner on the one hand there will arise the possibility for modifications, improvements and extension of the models, and, on the other hand, for combinations between the different models.

A series of significant results in the field of modeling discrete processes is anticipated. These results will be published in relevant journals, will be presented in conference, and later will be gathered in three monographs.

During the work on the project the members will be in close contact with colleagues from abroad, specialists in the same field. Developed methods will be implemented on real life and industrial problems.


  • Project coordinator: Prof. Krassimir Atanassov
  • Institution: Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Address: "Acad. G. Bonchev" Str., block 105, Sofia 1113, Bulgaria
  • Phone: (359 2) 9793602
  • Fax: (359 2) 8723787
  • E-mail:,