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Issue:Isomorphism theorems for intuitionistic fuzzy submodules of G-modules

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Title of paper: Isomorphism theorems for intuitionistic fuzzy submodules of G-modules
P. K. Sharma
P. G. Department of Mathematics, D. A. V. College, Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Presented at: 3rd International Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Conference, 9 Aug – 1 Sep 2016, Mersin, Turkey
Published in: "Notes on IFS", Volume 22, 2016, Number 4, pages 80—88
Download:  PDF (203  Kb, Info)
Abstract: The concept of intuitionistic fuzzy G-modules and their properties are defined and discussed by the author et al. in [11]. In this paper, we give three fundamental theorems of isomorphism for intuitionistic fuzzy submodules of G-modules.
Keywords: Intuitionistic fuzzy G-submodule, Quotient G-modules, Intuitionistic fuzzy isomorphism theorem.
AMS Classification: 03F55, 16D10, 08A72.
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