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Issue:Intuitionistic fuzzy histograms in grid-based clustering

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Title of paper: Intuitionistic fuzzy histograms in grid-based clustering
Veselina Bureva
Prof. Asen Zlatarov University, 1 “Prof. Yakimov” Blvd., Burgas–8000, Bulgaria
Published in: "Notes on IFS", Volume 20, 2014, Number 1, pages 55-62
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Abstract: In the present paper a distribution of points is organized in the form of histograms like the result from grid-based clustering algorithm. It is supposed that the output can be received by anyone grid-based clustering method. The result is transformed in the form of histogram and the modal operators from the intuitionistic fuzzy sets theory are applied.
Keywords: Intuitionistic fuzzy sets, Intuitionistic fuzzy histograms, Intuitionistic fuzzy operators.
AMS Classification: 03E72.
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