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Help:Talk namespaces

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Almost all pages, except the special ones are associated with respective discussion (talk) pages. If there is no discussion over the contents of a page, then the link to its talk page will be red. You can still discuss the page - you will just be the first person to do so.

It is custom to sign your comments in the discussion pages by typing four tildes ( ~~~~ or --~~~~ ), transformed into link to userpage and server's date/time according to UTC. You may also use the button Button "Insert signature" in edit mode.

Another custom in wikis is to format the talk threads in a consistent way, using colons ( : ) to create indents from and thus identify whom you answer to. If a comment is located on n indents (colons) from the beginning of the line, then a reply to this comment should be placed on n+1 indents (colons). This style of conversation is easy to follow and read.

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