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Namespace Issue: (id 102) is a custom-made namespace in Ifigenia which hosts copies of published materials and preprints. The namespace is accessible for reading to all users, both registered and anonymous; while the write access is enabled only to users with administrative rights.

The adjacent talk pages in the Issue talk: napespace are open for all users to read and write.

Before publication of materials there, written consent by the authors and publishers is needed. All rights over these publications are reserved on the behalf of the respective copyright holders.

Provided data
  • Title of paper
  • Author(s): ordered list of author(s)' names, institution, address, email. Adds categorization by author.
  • Presented at: conference, workshop, etc. (optional parameter)
  • Published in: journal, conference proceeding, etc.
  • Download: link for download + file format and size
  • Abstract:
  • Keywords:
  • References: copied from the end of the paper, contain wiki-links
  • Citations: if not available, the page is categorized in Category:Publications with missing citations (optional parameter)
  • Full text for reading: if available or easily transferable to wiki markup.
  • by topic
  • by author
  • by journal
  • by year

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