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Publications by:

Author 1 Author 2 Author 3 Author 4 Author 5 Title Published in
Krassimir Atanassov The foreign object principle and its generalized net interpretation IWGN-1, 2000
Boyan Kolev An algorithm for transforming a graph to a generalized net IWGN-1, 2000
Swetlin Wutow Model for producing of urea in the company “Chimco”-Vratca IWGN-1, 2000
Olympia Georgieva An application of generalized nets for modelling of fed-batch fermentation process IWGN-2, 2001
Juliana Mihaylova Generalized net model of the processes for the production of soda ash IWGN-2, 2001
Valeri Gochev The modelling of IEEE 802.2 LLC type 3 protocol with generalized nets IWGN-2, 2001
Tasho Tashev Generalized net model of abstract machine for connection establishment IWGN-2, 2001
Tasho Tashev The modelling of data link layer receiver with generalized nets IWGN-3, 2002
Lyudmila Todorova Generalized net model of the mechnical ventilation process IWGN-2, 2001
Zlatogor Minchev A metamorphic robot described in generalized nets terms IWGN-3, 2002
Valentina Radeva An intelligent system for machine reading of trade documents IWGN-3, 2002
Valentina Radeva Trifon Trifonov Implementation of generalized nets with external modules IWGN-3, 2002
Trifon Trifonov Krassimir Atanassov On some generalized net models of multiagent systems. Part 2 IWGN-3, 2002
Tania Pencheva Olympia Georgieva Modelling of fermentation processes on the basis of generalized nets IWGN-3, 2002
Joseph Sorsich Anthony Shannon Krassimir Atanassov Generalized net model of reproductive system. Part 1 IWGN-3, 2002
Maciej Krawczak Hristo Aladjov Generalized net model of backpropagation learning algorithm IWGN-3, 2002
Idilia Batchkova Joanna Alexieva Modelling the start-up, stopping and break-down processes at "Himco" Vratza using generalized net IWGN-3, 2002