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Modern Approaches in Fuzzy Sets, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Generalized Nets and Related Topics

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Modern Approaches in Fuzzy Sets, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Generalized Nets and Related Topics is a book of the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, published in 2013 in two volumes:

  • Volume 1: Foundations, ISBN 83-894-7553-7,
  • Volume 2: Applications, ISBN 83-894-7554-5.


Volume 1: Foundations

Title Author(s) Pages
Generalized nets with pairwise capacities of the places V. Andonov 1-22
On intuitionistic fuzzy logics: results and problems K. Atanassov 23-49
Maximal and minimal intuitionistic fuzzy negations K. Atanassov, N. Angelova 51-61
α-properties of fuzzy relations and aggregation procedure U. Bentkowska 63-85
Infinite distributivity in fuzzy mathematics J. Drewniak, P. Drygaś 87-103
Vector based similarity measure for intuitionistic fuzzy sets M. Loor, Guy De Tre 105-127
π-ordering and index of indeterminacy for intuitionistic fuzzy sets E. Marinov 129-138
On modal operators and quasi-orderings for IFSs E. Marinov 139-144
An intuitionistic fuzzy estimation of the area of 2D-flgures based on the Pick's formula E. Marinov, E. Velizarova, K. Atanassov 145-157
Correctness-checking of uncertain-equation solutions on example of the interval-modal method A. Piegat, M. Landowski 159-170
A general point of view to inclusion - exclusion property B. Riečan 171-180
A new method for computing relative cardinality of intuitionistic fuzzy sets P. Żywica, A. Stachowiak 181-189

Volume 2: Applications

Title Author(s) Pages
Generalized net model of decision support system of wildland fire estimation, the case of Harmanli fire (Bulgaria) 2009. N. Dobrinkova, G. Jordanov, P. Vassilev 1-13
Cognitive mapping approach to forest fires management P. Hadjistoykov, E. Velizarova, K. Atanassov 15-28
Estimation of the partial order on the basis of pair-wise comparisons in binary and multivalent form L. Klukowski 29-41
Computer-based support in multicriteria bargaining with use of the generalized Nash solution concept L. Kruś 43-59
Generalized net model of slow learning algorithm of unsupervised ART2 neural network T. Petkov, S. Sotirov 61-70
Generalized net model of the upper limb withdrawal reflex S. Ribagin, V. Chakarov, K. Atanassov 71-82
Generalized net model of internal structural unit functionality, focused on SME financing G. Shahpazov, L. Doukovska, K. Atanassov 83-92
Assessment finance approach from the glance of a generalized net model, implemented in a structural unit of a financial institution G. Shahpazov, L. Doukovska, V. Atanassova 93-102
Generalized net model of the integrated system for early forest-fire detection S. Sotirov, E. Sotirova 103-113
Modeling the process of the color recognition with MLP using symbol visualization S. Surchev, S. Sotirov 115-123
A cohesion measure for expert preferences in group decision-making A. Tapia-Rosero, G. De Tre 125-142
Possible application of new intuitionistic fuzzy set distance to game method for modelling of forest fire spread P. Vassilev 143-149
Dealing with uncertainty in ovarian tumor diagnosis A. Wojtowicz, P. Żywica, K. Szarzyński, R. Moszyński, S. Szubert, K. Dyczkowski, A. Stachowiak, D. Szpurek, M. Wygralak 151-158