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Issue:The modelling of IEEE 802.2 LLC type 3 protocol with generalized nets

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Title of paper: The modelling of IEEE 802.2 LLC type 3 protocol with generalized nets
Valeri Gochev
CLBME - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bl. 105, Acad. G.Bonchev Str., Sofia –1113, Bulgaria
Presented at: Second International Workshop on Generalized Nets, Sofia, 26-27 July 2001
Published in: Conference proceedings, pages 46—50
Download: Download-icon.png PDF (128  Kb, Info)
Abstract: With the increasing complexity of communication systems, it has become more and more difficult to construct models that are analytically tractable. Numerous researchers turned to simulation as the method to evaluate the performance of communication systems. Many tools are proposed for investigating the usage and performance analysis. Some of the tools have not formal definitions. Communication protocols are modeled with Petri nets (PNs) in many cases. However, many kinds of PN are used according to the type of the protocol and the needed evaluation. Proposed are Elementary PNs, Place/ Transition PNs, Coloured PNs, Timed PNs, Stochastic PNs and other modifications. Different kinds of PNs require different program products for analysis. To overcome those problems, generalized nets (GNs) [2] are proposed as modelling tool. GN models are more powerful than PN models. GNs are universal tool and we can use specialized unique software. In this paper is described modelling of IEEE 802.2 LLC Type 3 Protocol with Generalized Nets.

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