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Issue:On the extension of group-valued measures

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Title of paper: On the extension of group-valued measures
Alžbeta Michalíková
Faculty of Natural Sciences, Matej Bel University, Tajovského 40, SK-974 01 Banská Bystrica
Published in: "Notes on IFS", Volume 20, 2014, Number 4, pages 19–31
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Abstract: Since any space of IF-sets can be embedded to an MV-algebra ([12]), and any MV- algebra can be presented as an interval in a lattice ordered group ([9]), it is interesting to study measures with respect to l-groups. In this paper the group-valued outer measures are studied. The main result is the Choquet lemma concerning lower continuity of the induced outer measure. The result is applied to the group-valued measure extension theorem.
Keywords: Measure, G-valued outer measure.
AMS Classification: 03E72
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