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Issue:Modelling the backpropagation algorithm of the Elman neural network by a generalized net

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Title of paper: Modelling the backpropagation algorithm of the Elman neural network by a generalized net
Sotir Sotirov
“Prof. Asen Zlatarov” University, 1 “Prof. Yakimov” Blvd, Burgas–8010, Bulgaria
Presented at: 13th IWGN, London, 29 October 2012
Published in: Conference proceedings, pages 49—55
Download: Download-icon.png PDF (136  Kb, Info)
Abstract: The proposed GN model presents the functioning of recurrent neural networks. Here we discuss the Elman network and the ‘backpropagation’ algorithm for learning. In comparison with other types of neural networks, here we describe the process in its temporal development. In a series of papers, we have described many different neural networks using the apparatus of generalized nets. The present research deals with another kind – neural network with feedback into the hidden layer.
Keywords: Neural networks, Recurrent neural networks, Elman neural network, Generalized net, Backpropagation algorithm.
AMS Classification: 68Q85, 62M45.
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