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Issue:Modelling of the activity of a travel agency

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Title of paper: Towards a model of digital university: a generalized net model of update existing timetable
H. Stoichev
Free University of Bourgas, Bourgas-8000, Bulgaria
Daniela Orozova
Free University of Bourgas, Bourgas-8000, Bulgaria
CLBME - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Bl. 105, Sofia-1113, Bulgaria
Presented at: 9th IWGN, Sofia, 4 July 2008
Published in: Conference proceedings, pages 80—83
Download: Download-icon.png PDF (146  Kb, Info)
Abstract: In this paper is presented system for activity of a travel agency. Following a Generalized Net modelling the real process of communication in the system is created. This net gives us the opportunity to use the implementation of various analyses and statistics in order to generate ideas for enhancing this system.
Keywords: Generalized nets, Modelling, Travel agency.
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