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Issue:Generalized net model of operations with documents securities

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Title of paper: Generalized net model of operations with documents securities
M. Daskalova
Bulgaria, Sofia 1574, Slatina Estate, bl. 73, ap. 74
P. Vasilev
Bulgaria, Sofia 1113, 17 “N. Copernik” Str
Presented at: First International Workshop on Generalized Nets, Sofia, 9 July 2000
Published in: Conference proceedings, pages 29-33
Download: Download-icon.png PDF (126  Kb, Info)
Abstract: This study presents an application of the generalized nets into operations with document securities (DSs). The generalized nets (GN) are an extension of the Petri nets (PN) and GNs are a device for description and modelling of parallel processes, since they have a high flexibility and degree of abstraction, and a possibility to carry out real model simulations. The created GN model can be simulated by specialized software, called Generalized Nets Simulator that has been developed in the General Laboratory for Biomedical Engineering – Bulgarian Academy of Science. This program package for simulation with GN (PPGN) allows constructing of GN models with graphical or textual editor, simulation of the model and analysis of the simulation results. The open architecture of PPGN permits building up of specialized programs- interfaces, contacting with the users in the terms of his object area. With the help of this interface users with no adequate knowledge of GN theory can consume the created GN models.

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