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Issue:Generalized net model of common gateway architecture for mobile ad-hoc networks

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Title of paper: Generalized net model of common gateway architecture for mobile ad-hoc networks
Ivelina Vardeva
University of „Prof. d-r Assen Zlatarov”, Bourgas, Bulgaria
Sotir Sotirov
University of „Prof. d-r Assen Zlatarov”, Bourgas, Bulgaria
Presented at: 8th IWGN, Sofia, 26 June 2007
Published in: Conference proceedings, pages 42—47
Download: Download-icon.png PDF (133  Kb, Info)
Abstract: Ad-hoc networks are created by definition on demand without any infrastructure. They are often considered as an extension of the range of Internet access points, providing multihop wireless access to them. This paper tries to examine the situation where there are exist several Internet access points in a single ad-hoc network.

We present a generalized net model proposed Common Gateway Architecture which allows to use multiple access points and send traffic using the closest access point.

Keywords: Generalized nets, Mobile ad-hoc networks, Ad-hoc networks, Ad-hoc on-demand distance vector, Networks.
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