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Issue:Generalized net model of algorithm for non-conflict switch in packet communication node

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Title of paper: Generalized net model of algorithm for non-conflict switch in packet communication node
Tasho Tashev
Institute of information technology - B.A.S, Akad.G.Bonchev Str. Bl. 2, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Presented at: Fifth International Workshop on Generalized Nets, Sofia, 10 November 2004
Published in: Conference proceedings, pages 19—24
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Abstract: In time-multiplex communication systems, crossbar packet switches route traffic from the input to output where a message packet is transmitted from the source to the destination. The randomly incoming traffic must be controlled and scheduled to eliminate conflict at the crossbar switch where the conflict is that two of more users may simultaneously access to a single output. The goal of the traffic-scheduling for the time-multiplex crossbar switches is not only to maximize the throughput of packet through a crossbar switch but also to minimize packet blocking probability and packet waiting time.

The researchers presented the technique utilized in the algorithm is a systematic method of finding distinct representatives from the row sets of a traffic matrix, algorithm based on a cellular automation and neural network. We consider that the Generalized nets (GN) may be used for modelling of such tasks because of us possibilities to model as the structure of the investigated object, as the dynamics of the flowing in it processes. The GN are contemporary development, suggesting detail reflection of the structure and time relation in parallel processes.

In this paper we shall use GN apparatus for construction of model of algorithm for non-conflict switched, allowing zero blocking probability.

Keywords: Generalized nets, Communication system
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