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Issue:Pattern recognition with intuitionistic fuzzy estimations

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Title of paper: Pattern recognition with intuitionistic fuzzy estimations
Todor Kostadinov
Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Burgas University Asen Zlatarov, 1 Prof. Yakimov Blvd, 8000 Burgas, Bulgaria
Veselina Bureva
Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Burgas University Asen Zlatarov, 1 Prof. Yakimov Blvd, 8000 Burgas, Bulgaria
Presented at: 21st International Conference on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, 22–23 May 2017, Burgas, Bulgaria
Published in: "Notes on IFS", Volume 23, 2017, Number 2, pages 88—94
Download:  PDF (157 Kb  Kb, Info)
Abstract: An recognition method based on intuitionistic fuzzy estimations is addressed in this paper. The recognition procedure is performed by analysis on an image and comparison between the degrees of membership and non-membership for the pixels in two or more images. In the next step an intuituinistic fuzzy estimation of the whole image is presented.
Keywords: Intuitionistic fuzzy sets, Intuitionistic fuzzy estimations, Pattern recognition, Analysis.
AMS Classification: 03E72
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