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Issue:About the intuitionistic fuzzy set generators

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Title of paper: About the intuitionistic fuzzy set generators
Humberto Bustince
Departamento de Automatica y Computación, Public University of Navarra, 31006, Campus Arrosadía, Pamplona, Spain
bustinceAt sign.pngsi.upna.es
Victoria Mohedano
Departamento de Automatica y Computación, Public University of Navarra
Presented at: 5th ICIFS, Sofia, 18—19 Oct. 1997
Published in: Conference proceedings, "Notes on IFS", Volume 3 (1997) Number 4, pages 21—27
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Abstract: In this paper form the definition of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets we analyze the Intuitionistic fuzzy Generators and the Complementation in these sets. We start by defining the intuitionistic fuzzy generators in order to then study the particular cases for which this definition coincides with the fuzzy complementation. Afterwards, we analyse the existence of equilibrium points, dual points and we present characterization theorems of intuitionistic fuzzy generators.

Lastly, we study a manner of constructing intuitionistic fuzzy sets and analyse the structure of the complementary of intuitionistic fuzzy sets built.

Keywords: Intuitionistic fuzzy set, Intuitionistic fuzzy complementary, Fuzzy negation, Intuitionistic fuzzy generator
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