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Issue:φ–entropy of IF-partitions

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Title of paper: φ–entropy of IF-partitions
Beloslav Riečan
Faculty of Natural Sciences, Matej Bel University, Tajovského 40, SK-974 01 Banská Bystrica
Mathematical Institute of Slovak Acad. of Sciences, Štefánikova 49, SK-814 73 Bratislava, Slovakia
beloslav.riecanAt sign.pngumb.sk
Dagmar Markechová
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, A. Hlinku 1, SK-949 01 Nitra, Slovakia
dmarkechovaAt sign.pngukf.sk
Published in: "Notes on IFS", Volume 23, 2017, Number 3, pages 9—16
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Abstract: In the paper a common formulation is given for two types of entropy of partitions in the intuitionistic fuzzy case: the Shannon-Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy ([6]) and the logical entropy ([4]).
Keywords: Intuitionistic fuzzy set, IF-partition, Shannon’s entropy, Logical entropy, Subadditive generator.
AMS Classification: 03E72
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