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Bioautomation is a journal of the Centre of Biomedical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It is published since 2004 under ISSN 1312-451X (on-line) and ISSN 1313-261X (print)

The journal is a continuation of the periodical "Bioautomation", which has been discontinued in the early nineties of the last century. It is an international journal for presentation of scientific results from the application of contemporary engineering and mathematical approaches and computer-oriented methods for the purposes of analysis, modelling, optimization and control of bioprocess, biomedical and ecological systems.

The journal published results in the main fields of:

  • bioinformatics - integrating, managing, mining and interpreting information from biological data sets
  • modelling, optimization, control and technical equipment of bioprocess systems
  • modelling of biomedical systems; computer-aided decision making systems; design of clinical devices
  • monitoring, modelling and management of ecological systems

The electronic dissemination of the journal contributes to establishment of new scientific contacts and collaboration between scientists from all over the world. The journal is open to presentations from well known scientists, as well as to young researchers.

Papers on Intuitionistic fuzzy sets

Papers on Generalized nets


Centre of Biomedical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Address: 105 Acad. Georgi Bonchev Str., 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
E-mail: bioautomationAt sign.pngclbme.bas.bg
Website: http://www.clbme.bas.bg/bioautomation/