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Issues in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Generalized Nets/07

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Issues in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Generalized Nets, Volume 7 contains selected papers presented at the Seventh International Workshop on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Generalized Nets, held on 5 — 6 October 2007 in Warsaw, Poland. The book is printed in Warsaw in 2008 year under ISBN 978-83-88311-99-4.

Editors of the 7th volume of the Issues are Krassimir Atanassov, Janusz Kacprzyk, Maciej Krawczak and Eulalia Szmidt.


Number Title Author(s) Pages
1 On intuitionistic fuzzy multi-dimensional sets Krassimir Atanassov, Eulalia Szmidt, Janusz Kacprzyk 1—6
2 Shannon informational approach to intuitionistic fuzzy sets Marin Marinov 7—9
3 Identities of modal type operators in the intuitionistic fuzzy logic Krassimir Atanassov 10—12
4 On interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy versions of L. Zadeh's Extension principle Lilija Atanassova 13—19
5 Generalized net model of the Ro-Ro traffic Sotir Sotirov, Vasil Bobev 20—25
6 Generalized net model of the Ro-Ro traffic with intuitionistic fuzzy estimation Sotir Sotirov, Vasil Bobev 26—34
7 Generalized net realizing a two-contour model for quality control of e-learning Mariya Hristova, Evdokia Sotirova 35—44
8 Generalized net model of a development of the university curriculum Mariya Hristova 45—50
9 Generalized net model of process of creation of the information system in the Technical University - Varna Dimitar Dimitrakiev 51—59
10 Generalized net model of decomposition of phosphogypsum to sulphur dioxide and lime Lubka Atanasova, Evdokia Sotirova 60—66
11 Generalized net model of the ART neural networks, Part 1 Sotir Sotirov, Maciej Krawczak 67—74
12 Generalized net model of the ART neural networks. Part 2 Sotir Sotirov, Maciej Krawczak 75—82
13 Modeling net attacks for modifying and counterfeit crypted messages by using a generalized net model Ivelina Vardeva 83—92
14 Generalized net model of a modified genetic algorithm Olympia Roeva, Krassimir Atanassov 93—99
15 Generalized net model for the reliability and standardization of assessments of student problem solving with intuitionistic fuzzy estimations Dimitar Dimitrakiev, Anthony Shannon, Evdokia Sotirova, Maciej Krawczak, Taekyun Kim 100—107
16 Generalized net models of the process of ant colony optimization Olympia Roeva, Krassimir Atanassov 108—114
17 A generalized net model of the process of modeling an economic problem Diana Boyadzhieva 115—123
18 Generalized nets with extended transition type Diana Boyadzhieva 124—131
19 Modeling of supply based on generalized nets Rumen Hristov, Valeri Gochev, Polya Gocheva 132—138
20 A generalized net model simulation of Java Server Faces Frameworks Evgeni Popov 139—149
21 Generalized net model of process of the European Awareness Scenario Workshop method Yanislav Zhelev, Maria Zheleva, Evdokia Sotirova, Sotir Sotirov 150—158
22 Model of the functioning of web-based information system via generalized net Daniela Orozova 159—166
23 Modeling cotton growth by generalized nets Nikola Kolev, Krassimir Atanassov, Neli Valkova, Galya Panayotova 167—175