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Hello! This is the community portal of Ifigenia wiki. We can have our community discussions here! :-)
You can announce here the new results in IFS and GN. Or announce thematic conferences or calls for project proposals. You can ask the community about some publication or journal. Or simply share your opinion about Ifigenia and how can its performance be improved. :-)

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cuts of IF-sets

Dear friends,

has anyone considered an α-cut of an IF set (M,N), as a set of those x, for which the truth value of a composite statement "x belongs to the set" AND "it is not true that x does not belong to the set" is at least α? That is, the set of those x for which

T(M(x),1-N(x)) ≥ α

where T is some triangular norm???

Vladimir Janis

Dear Vladimir!
I think that Humberto Bustince and Adrian Ban can give the most adequate answer of your question. By this reason I asked them in an email to do this. Kr.At. 12:19, 25 January 2009 (UTC)