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Operators over intuitionistic fuzzy sets

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Different operators were defined over intuitionistic fuzzy sets throughout the years.

In May 1983 the modal operators necessity and possibility were defined. In October 1983 the topological operators closure and interior followed. Later, the relations between the modal and the topological operators were studied and published[1].

Modal type operators

Necessity and possibility

Operator Dα

Operator Fα,β

Operator Gα,β

Operators Hα,β , H*α,β , Jα,β and J*α,β

Operator Xa,b,c,d,e,f

Topological operators

Closure and interior

Level operators

Operators ! and ?

Operators Pα,β and Qα,β


  1. Atanassov, K., More on intuitionistic fuzzy sets, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 33, 1989, No. 1, 37-46

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