Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets/23/1

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Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Volume 23 (2017), Number 1. This is the Proceedings of the 4th International Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Contemporary Mathematics Conference, 3–7 May 2017, Mersin, Turkey

Journal contents

Number Title Author(s) Pages

1 Universal algebra in intuitionistic fuzzy set theory Gökhan Çuvalcioğlu and Sinem Tarsuslu (Yilmaz) 1—5
2 Intuitionistic fuzzy implication →188 Krassimir Atanassov, Eulalia Szmidt and Janusz Kacprzyk 6—13
3 Intuitionistic fuzzy implication →189 Lilija Atanassova 14—20
4 On separation axioms in temporal intuitionistic fuzzy Šostak topology Fatih Kutlu 21—30
5 Intuitionistic fuzzy fractional boundary value problem S. Melliani, M. Elomari and A. Elmfadel 31—41
6 Application of intuitionistic fuzzy sets in high school determination via normalized Euclidean distance method Feride Tuğrul, Muhammed Gezercan and Mehmet Çitil 42—47
7 A note on intuitionistic fuzzy almost P-spaces A. Haydar Eş 48—56
8 Common coupled fixed point theorems in generalized intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces R. Muthuraj, M. Sornavalli and M. Jeyaraman 57—69
9 Menger's theorem for intuitionistic fuzzy graphs M. G. Karunambigai and R. Buvaneswari 70—78
10 Water cycle algorithm augmentation with fuzzy and intuitionistic fuzzy dynamic adaptation of parameters Oscar Castillo, Eduardo Ramirez and Olympia Roeva 79—94
11 Choquet and Sugeno integrals and intuitionistic fuzzy integrals as aggregation operators Patricia Melin, Gabriela E. Martinez and Radoslav Tsvetkov 95—99
12 Errata, or a new form of the uniformly expanding intuitionistic fuzzy operator Krassimir T. Atanassov 100—103