New Developments in Fuzzy Sets, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Generalized Nets and Related Topics

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New Developments in Fuzzy Sets, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Generalized Nets and Related Topics is a book of the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, published in 2012 in two volumes:

  • Volume 1: Foundations, ISBN 83-894-7540-5,
  • Volume 2: Applications, ISBN 83-894-7541-3.


Volume 1: Foundations

Title Author(s) Pages
On a new approach towards defining intuitionistic fuzzy subtractions K. Atanassov 1-34
A new intuitionistic fuzzy implication. Part 2 L. Atanassova 35-40
Fuzzy logical connectives in approximate reasoning. Dual operations J. Drewniak 41-59
Decision making problem on intuitionistic fuzzy relations P. Drygaś and B. Pękala 61-70
Transformations of intuitionistic fuzzy relations U. Dudziak 71-91
Conditional probability on the family of IF-events with product R. Hanesova 93-98
Computation of the measures of dependence for imprecise data O. Hryniewicz and K. Opara 99-112
Systems of intuitionistic fuzzy equations Z. Matusiewicz 113-128
Feature selection based on the AIC helpfulness criterion M. Ostrycharz and P. Grzegorzewski 129-141
A note on bijective correspondence between intuitionistic fuzzy sets and intuitionistic fuzzy sets of p-th type P. Rangasamy, P. Vassilev and K. Atanassov 143-147
On a story inspired by IF-sets B. Riecan 149-156
A convergence theorem on effect algebras B. Riecan and L. Lasova 157-165
Generalized net of a genetic algorithm with intuitionistic fuzzy selection operator O. Roeva, T. Pencheva and K. Atanassov 167-178
Generalized net model for parallel optimization of multilayer perceptron with conjugate gradient backpropagation algorithm S. Sotirov and M. Krawczak 179-190
A method of construction of intuitionistic fuzzy tolerances based on a similarity measure between intuitionistic fuzzy sets D. A. Viattchenin 191-202

Volume 2: Applications

Title Author(s) Pages
On intuitionistic fuzzy approach to generalized net prognostics V. Atanassova 1-12
Generalized net model of the container terminal V. Bobev and M. Savova 13-18
Effective solution of the Kemeny median. The case of ties in group ranking H. Bury and D. Wagner 19-32
Modification of FCM clustering for intuitionistic fuzzy data B. S. Butkiewicz 33-44
Differential Evolution in Clustering with Constraints M. Dziedzic 45-57
Modelling consumer needs A. Jastrzębska and W. Homenda 59-73
Properties of estimators of the preference relation based on pairwise comparisons - simulation survey L. Klukowski 75-75
Generalized net model of cytokinin/auxin interactions for plant root formation K. Kosev, O. Roeva and K. Atanassov 91-99
Dimension reduction of time series for clustering problem M. Krawczak and G. Szkatuła 101-110
Fuzzy geometric protoforms for price patterns recognition and stock trading P. Ładyżyński and P. Grzegorzewski 111-122
Complex classifiers in image recognition: implementation and application W. Lesinski and W. Homenda 123-132
Aggregation of bipolar satisfaction degrees T. Matthe and G. De Tre 133-156
Interval type-2 fuzzy logic for enhancing image–processing and recognition P. Melin and O. Castillo 157-168
Fuzzy pricing of catastrophe bond with a stepwise payoff function P. Nowak and M. Romaniuk 169-184
Fuzzy decision making in toxoplasmosis medication E. Rakus-Andersson and A. Kurnatowska 185-200
Generalized net model of the upper limb in relaxed position S. Ribagin, V. Chakarov and K. Atanassov 201-210
PID controller tuning of glucose control using generalized nets O. Roeva and T. Slavov 211-218
Limited syntactic analysis in music data processing T. Sitarek and W. Homenda 219-225
Generalized net model of an object type data bases with intuitionistic fuzzy estimations E. Sotirova and D. Orozova 227-234
Generalized net model of the students' knowledge assessments using self organizing map with intuitionistic fuzzy estimations E. Sotirova, S. Sotirov, G. Gordon, I. Dimitrov, I. Jonova and V. Bineva 235-242
Reconfigurable hardware for fuzzy controller P. R. de Souza e Silva Sandres, N. Nedjah and L. de Macedo Mourelle 243-277
Introducing reputation into decision making process A. Stachowiak 279-286
Intuitionistic fuzzy classifier - a tool for recognizing imbalanced classes E. Szmidt and M. Kukier 287-296
Matching methods for semantic annotation-based XML document transformations M. Szymczak and J. Kopke 297-308
Model checker of object-oriented programs based on generalized nets M. Todorova 309-320