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Local operators over generalized nets

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Local operators over generalized nets transform single components of some of the transitions of a given generalized net. There are three types of local operators:

  • temporal operators \mathcal{P}_1, \mathcal{P}_2, \mathcal{P}_3, \mathcal{P}_4 that change temporal components of a given transition,
  • matrix operators \mathcal{P}_5, \mathcal{P}_6 that change some ofthe index matrices of a given transition,
  • others:
    • \mathcal{P}_7 alters the transition's type,
    • \mathcal{P}_8 alters the capacity of some of the places in the net,
    • \mathcal{P}_9 alters the characteristic function of an output place,
    • \mathcal{P}_{10} alters the evaluation function associated with the transition condition predicates of the given transition.


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