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Issue:Sugeno integral with respect to intuitionistic fuzzy-valued measures

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Title of paper: Sugeno integral with respect to intuitionistic fuzzy-valued measures
Adrian Ban
Department of Matematics, University of Oradea, str. Armatei Romane 5, 410087 Oradea, Romania
aibanAt sign.pnguoradea.ro
Presented at: 9th ICIFS, Sofia, 7-8 May 2005
Published in: Conference proceedings, "Notes on IFS", Volume 11 (2005) Number 2, pages 47—61
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Abstract: We introduce the Sugeno integral of intuitionistic fuzzy-valued mappings with respect to intuitionistic fuzzy-valued fuzzy measures. A decomposition theorem to Sugeno integral of real-valued mappings with respect to fuzzy measures, some properties and examples of calculus are given.

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