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Issue:Handling multicriteria fuzzy decision making problems based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets

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Title of paper: Handling multicriteria fuzzy decision making problems based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets
Humberto Bustince
Departamento de Automatica y Computación, Public University of Navarra, 31006, Campus Arrosadía, Pamplona, Spain
bustinceAt sign.pngsi.upna.es
Published in: "Notes on IFS", Volume 1 (1995) Number 1, pages 42—47
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Abstract: In this paper we present a new technique for handling decision making problems based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets. In this new technique we use the degree of reliability and of non-reliability of each criterion in relation to a set of alternatives. We also present a new score function in order to evaluate the degree of suitability of the choice of a certain alternative.
Keywords: Fuzzy set, Intuitionistic fuzzy set, Multicriteria fuzzy decision making
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