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Help:Recent changes

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The Recent changes special page is a refreshable dynamically generated list of the events happening onwiki in real time. These events are generally classified as:

  • edits on pages, and
  • logged actions (uploads, moves, deletes, etc).

This list is fully visible to all users, no matter registered or anonymous and gives information who does what, where and when. It also gives information about the relative volume of the edit, calculated as the difference in the number of characters before and after the edit.

The Recent changes are a very valuable tool for the users. For registered users who are able to watch pages, there is a bonus feature: the pages from their watchlists will appear in bold in the list of Recent changes.

By default the Recent changes show the most recent 50 changes in the last 7 days, as of the moment of opening of the page. Every user can customize these and other settings related to the Recent changes, from their personal preferences page.

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