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Genedit is a graphic editor and simulating tool for generalized nets, part of the Generalized Nets Integrated Development Environment (GN IDE). Genedit is written in Java by Dimitar Dimitrov.

The software is in development phase and up to now it is able (to some degree) to:

  • Load and save GN XML files.
  • Display generalized net models in both graphical and tree view.
  • Insert new objects in the model, which can be manually edited in a text/XML editor, or directly in the IDE using drag-and-drop.
  • Start a GN simulation.
  • Undo/Redo edit operations.
  • Check model for errors.
  • Import GN models from Gennete (XML files from newest version of Gennete).

Software installation

Genedit has the following requirements:

  1. Microsoft Windows (for the server only)
  2. Java Runtime Environment

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