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Recent Advances in Fuzzy Sets, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Generalized Nets and Related Topics

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Recent Advances in Fuzzy Sets, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Generalized Nets and Related Topics is a book of the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, published in 2011 in two volumes:

  • Volume 1: Foundations, ISBN ISBN 9788389475350.
  • Volume 2: Appliations, ISBN ISBN 9788389475367.


Volume 1: Foundations

Title Author(s) Pages
The intuitionistic fuzzy sets as constructive objects K. T. Atanassov 1-23
Intuitionistic fuzzy interpretations of Conway's Game of Life. Part 3: Modal and extended modal transformations of the game field L. Atanassova and K. T. Atanassov 25-31
On the distributive equation I(x, S1(y,z)) = S2(I(x, y), I(x, z)) for t-representable t-conorms generate from nilpotent or strict t-conorms M. Baczyński 33-42
Approximations of intuitionistic fuzzy numbers generated from approximations of fuzzy number A. I. Ban and L. C. Coroianu 43-61
Optimized algorithm for tokens transfer in generalized nets D. Dimitrov 63-68
Families of fuzzy preferences J. Drewniak 69-78
Problem of monotonicity for decomposable operations P. Drygaś 79-86
The inclusion-exclusion principle in semigroups J. Kelemenova 87-94
Fuzzy implications on lattice of ordered fuzzy numbers W. Kosiński and M. Kacprzak 95-111
Dependencies between fuzzy negation, disjunction and implication A. Król 113-121
The inclusion-exclusion principle on some algebraic structures M. Kuková 123-126
On max —* fuzzy systems J. Matusiewicz 127-142
Properties of intuitionistic fuzzy preference relations A. Pękala and U. Dudziak 143-157
Uncertainty of probability A. Piegat 159-173
Conditional distributivity of increasing binary operations E. Rak 175-185
Central limit theorem on IV-events K. Samuelcik and I. Holla 187-195
Local entropy og IF-events K. Samuelčík and I. Hollá 197-208
Aggregation of *-transitive fuzzy relations by quasi-linear means J. Sobera 209-222
Pearson's correlation coefficient between intuitionistic fuzzy sets: An extended theoretical and numerical analysis E. Szmidt, J. Kacprzyk and P. Bujnowski 223-236
Scalar and fuzzy cardinalities — tools for intelligent counting under information imprecision M. Wygralak 237-243

Volume 2: Applications

Title Author(s) Pages
New and upcoming features of the visual generalized net editor Gennete H. Aladjov 1-6
Utilizing the model graphic structures when teaching generalized nets V. Atanassova 7-17
Simulation of a group offlying objects over artificial terrain B. S. Butkiewicz 19-28
Design of interval type-2 fuzzy systems O. Castillo 29-48
Structure of a lip-reading system based on IF-Sets K. Dyczkowski 49-56
Uncertainty analysis of greenhouse gases inventories using a probabilistic-possibilistic approach O. Hryniewicz 57-73
Tests for validation of estimates obtained on the basis ofpairwise comparisons with random errors L. Klukowski 75-91
Generalized net model of cytokinin-auxin signalling interactions K. Kosev, O. Roeva and K. Atanassov 93-100
The hierarchical agglomerative approach to cluster data series M. Krawczak and G. Szkatuła 101-111
Interval type-2 fuzzy logic in image processing and pattern recognition P. Melin 113-126
Construction of decision quality measure in IF-Set-based MCDM environment P. Michoński 127-134
Dealing with bipolarity and biometric information in ear identification J. Nielandt, A. Bronselacr, T. Matthe and G. de Tre 135-153
Option pricing with Levy process in a fuzzy framework. P. Nowak 155-167
On fuzzy approach to pricing of example of catastrophe bond P. Nowak and M. Romaniuk 169-183
Generalized net model of the process of avoiding healthcare fraud H. Panayotov 185-191
Generalized net model of selection function choice in genetic algorithms T. Pencheva, K. Atanassov and A. Shannon 193-201
Fuzzy controllers in evaluation of survival length in cancer patients E. Rakus-Andersson, H. Zettcrvall and H. Forssell 203-221
Modeling the nonlinear autoregressive network with exogenous inputs with a generalized net T. S. Sotirov, V. Kukenska, M. Hristova, I. Vardeva, L. Staneva, J. Barzov, S. Dimitrov and S. Stoyanova 223-230
Modelling distributed time-delay neural network by a generalized net S. Sotirov 231-237
Generalized net model of clustering with self-organizing map E. Sotirova, T. Petkov, S. Surchev and M. Krawczak 239-244