International Workshop on Generalized Nets/02

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The Second International Workshop on Generalized Nets is held on 26-27 July 2001 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Proceedings contents

Part 1: Download-icon.png RAR (1988 Kb, Info) Download-icon.png, Part 2: Download-icon.png RAR (1985 Kb, Info) Download-icon.png

Number Title Author(s) Pages
1 The use of generalized nets within tasks of software performance engineering Andreas Schmietendorf, Evgeni Dimitrov, Krassimir Atanassov 1—12
2 A generalized net model describing chromatically monitored and controlled arc plasme spraying Krassimir Atanassov, Boyan Djakov, P. C. Russel, Radomir Enikov, D. H. Oliver, G. R, Jones 13—19
3 On program realization of flexible manufacturing system models described by generalized nets Maria Stefanova-Pavlova, Peter Georgiev 20—27
4 An application of generalized nets for modelling of fed-batch fermentation process Olympia Georgieva 28—33
5 Generalized net model of the mechanical ventilation process Lyudmila Todorova, Joseph Sorsich 34—39
6 Generalized net model of the processes for the production of soda ash Juliana Mihaylova 40—45
7 The modelling of IEEE 802.2 LLC type 3 protocol with generalized nets Valeri Gochev 46—50
8 Generalized net model of abstract machine for connection establishment Tasho Tashev 51—53
9 Generalized net models in child neurology (CN061: Discontinuation of medication in children with epilepsy) Tz. Koleva, Joseph Sorsich, Anthony Shannon, Soon-Ki Kim, Yung Kim 54—55
10 Generalized net models in child neurology (CN062: The use of anticonvulsant drugs) Tz. Koleva, Joseph Sorsich, Anthony Shannon, Soon-Ki Kim, Yung Kim 56—58
11 Modeling cognitive brain processes with a generalized net Georgi Mengov, Stefan Hadjitodorov, Anthony Shannon 59—61
12 Generalized nets and systems theory. Part 9 Krassimir Atanassov, Mincho Hadjyiski, Janusz Kacprzyk, Valentina Radeva, Eulalia Szmidt 62—72

The Proceedings was supported partly by the Bulgarian National council for scientific research, No. TK-l-3/1998.